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Happy Friday!

Hi friends,

This week I had a lot of fun working on this simple crocheted basket. I came across the pattern on this super cute blog, she has lots of great stuff so you should check it out! I tweaked the pattern a bit, but I think it came out great!


Happy crafting,


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Brazilian adventures #2

So many weeks have pasted since my first two posts, excuses…. Life…! I need to update about Brazil!

We’ll it was a very interesting trip. As you know I went to ‘help’ a family cook while on holiday. So there house was amazing, such a gorgeous view…


There’s the large White House!

My day started about 7.30 every day, making pancakes for the kids and fresh fruit, the oldies surfaced a bit later for spicy scrambled eggs (red onion, fresh tomatoes, fresh coriander, dry coriander and cumin) or soufflé omelette.

Shopping then needed to be done, the local supermarket or down to the fish market (earlier the better) to buy lobster, cray fish, some large white fish (?) with my non existent Brazilian! The main meal of the day tended to be around 3pm as the heat started to go out of the sun. I taught the nanny some Asian recipies; prawn Thai green curry, butter chicken, chicken masala curry, potato tikis, tandoori lobster, hari chutney, beef satay….


The fish was superb, if only I new what it was… Made an amazing ceviche dish from a recipe I found in The Times before I went by Gaston Acurio, yum.


The evenings were pretty quite, so of course time for crochet and caipirinhas! I’ve started making a baby blanket for my good friend Beth who is due in September. I’ve used a granny square pattern from Lavender and Wild Rose blog spot: http://www.lavenderwildrose.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/vintage-flower-bag.html

It’s a really lovely blog with some gorgeous crochet and musings 🙂

We’ll the blanket is coming along….


I also made a start on the flowers for my bridesmaids coat hangers that will hold their kimono dressing gowns for the morning 🙂


Well after fresh coconuts on the beach, a couple of hours on Cococabana Beach and a gaze up at ‘the Christ’ it was time to come home to a Jon waiting with flowers and hit cross buns, I love that boy 🙂



Wedding craft updates soon x

Brazilian adventures #1

So the journey began last night… Send off glass or 2 with Jon at The Swan.


This morning though I feel I may have had one too many, not great to start an 11hr flight dehydrated!

So where am I going? Brazil!!!! 10 days with a UK family teaching them how to make the most of the amazing fresh fruits, veg and seafood/ fish that’s available over there.

It’s all a bit surreal, met this lady at one of my Saturday classes – Thai green curry – and it’s spiralled from there, ending up in an invite to Brazil to help them cook. God I hope I’m up to it.
The last 4 weeks have been cooking central in our flat, practice practice practise. Bless Jon, he’s been amazing, so supportive and encouraging. Especially when I’d had a full on day at school and the thought of trying out new recipe was really not appealing! What was lovely is one day we got out first balcony meal of the year, a defo sign the weather is turning! Anyway feel I’m going with a bank of recipes I feel confident with, some extra ingredients packed up in my luggage (chaat masala, tamarind paste) and then there is the internet. What more could I need?!

Crochet is of course packed, baby blanket on the cards and will keep an update of how I’m getting on!

Currently making the most of every aspect of the journey, I love flying! Got to the airport in plenty of time. Had a good mooch around duty free and enjoying a grande, decaf, skinny cap with sugar free hazelnut syrup ( was there any point!)


Go jennie!