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Hmm…. Long time no see…

Well what a tardy blog keeper i am! Not going to make excuses, just say that now is my time and watch this space for what i’m going to do with it ๐Ÿ™‚

First off – new home, Enge, Zurich, Switzerland!

National Swiss Day 01.08.2015

National Swiss Day 01.08.2015

Now i feel my blog name may not be approrpiate, but i its where things began, so i’m keeping it!

Even if i haven’t been blogging i have been crafting. So i thought i’d continue my blog for a little while with bits and bob about Zurich and updating you on my ‘lovely’ projects!

So i think back in a post about Brazil i showed some flowers i started crocheting for my bridesmades coat hangers…

Now i don’t seem to have the creation process photos on this device, but i will upload them later. For ro cover the handle i made a length of uk double crochet, just measurig as i went along against the hanger (found on ebay). For these ones i used a Sidar Super Chunky yarn, basically as that’sย what i had…

Simple uk double crochet all the way along

Simple uk double crochet all the way along

(I know this photo isn’t of a super chuncky yarn – its of another coat hanger i did in a cotton, much nicer finish by the way)

Pre flowers…

Covered hanger

The finished atricles and what they held!

Bridesmaids kimonos

I then improved and made one for my sister-in-law to hold her wedding dress ๐Ÿ‘ฐ

Diba's wedding dress hanger

Diba 2015

Here are a varitey of links to the different flowers i made.

The orginal coat hangers were part of my present to my beauitful bridesmaids. The kimonos were made from the pattern in The Liberty Book of Home Sewing.

The liberty book of home sewing

Of course i’m not a good enough sewer to have made them all by myself, the fabulous Linda Corcoran did pretty much all of it, although i did cut out all the patterns and do the little bit of hand sewing!

Linda Corcoran

The fabric was a brill find, Liberty Tana Lawn is so gorgeous, but has a price tag to go with it, this store is a gem, i get excited thinking about it!!!

They are so grogeous to wear, so soft, mine makes me feel really special. Finished with french seems, luxury!

So i’m wondering, and would really appreciate honest feedback, could i sell them? Maybe as hangers for special occations? Are they too twee? I could do sets of 3 of plainer ones in tonal colours?

Ta-ta x