I’m sat in my favourite spot in our Zurich appartment, on the floor in our bedroom in the bay window. The sun is streaming in and the window is wide open, not bad for mid November! I’m also munching on roasted chestnuts. They do them so well over here, they’re soft and pratcially fall out of their shells, non of that prising them open only to jab yourself down your thumb nail with shell! AND the bags they come in have one side for the chestnuts and one for your peelings, typical Swiss, no litter!IMG_2616(1)

It’s been quite a momentous morning here. I’ve invested in myself and rented a shelf in craft come gift shop! I’m selling all my etsy shop wares

So there are my own designed and hand carved lino cut christmas cards, crochet headbands/ ear warmer and DIY balloon lanterns. Also a few non Christmasy cards, and J’s favourite – the elephant.

IMG_2597 IMG_2596(1) IMG_2223(1)

It’s a lovely shop, only new to the Enge area, fingers crossed it succeeds! Lots of beauitful hand made items which can brouse round while sipping kn some yummy Chinese tea!

So the project i want to share with you today is this grogeous beanie bobble hat that i made for a very special little boy ☺


The pattern was from Ravelry – Toddler Earflap Hat by Lihie Katziry. I worked it up in an afternoon, great instructions. The yarn i used was all synthetic (i wasn’t sure if the little man was allergic to wool or anything), slightly thicker than aran weight, but love the colour if his pompom, proper autumn rusty red ☺

My next project is a beanie pompom hat for me using this amaing faux fur pompom i got at the first Swiss Wool festival last month, so super soft i could stroke my face all day with it!




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