Brazilian adventures #1

So the journey began last night… Send off glass or 2 with Jon at The Swan.


This morning though I feel I may have had one too many, not great to start an 11hr flight dehydrated!

So where am I going? Brazil!!!! 10 days with a UK family teaching them how to make the most of the amazing fresh fruits, veg and seafood/ fish that’s available over there.

It’s all a bit surreal, met this lady at one of my Saturday classes – Thai green curry – and it’s spiralled from there, ending up in an invite to Brazil to help them cook. God I hope I’m up to it.
The last 4 weeks have been cooking central in our flat, practice practice practise. Bless Jon, he’s been amazing, so supportive and encouraging. Especially when I’d had a full on day at school and the thought of trying out new recipe was really not appealing! What was lovely is one day we got out first balcony meal of the year, a defo sign the weather is turning! Anyway feel I’m going with a bank of recipes I feel confident with, some extra ingredients packed up in my luggage (chaat masala, tamarind paste) and then there is the internet. What more could I need?!

Crochet is of course packed, baby blanket on the cards and will keep an update of how I’m getting on!

Currently making the most of every aspect of the journey, I love flying! Got to the airport in plenty of time. Had a good mooch around duty free and enjoying a grande, decaf, skinny cap with sugar free hazelnut syrup ( was there any point!)


Go jennie!


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